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Sector Other Metal Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Assam - India Ref.No 19602383
Closing Date 05 - Oct - 2019  |  717 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction of Miscellaneous Iems, Tyer/Scrap Rubber, GPU 40 KVA, Maruti Van Vehicle Class vi (BER), Barrel Metal 200 ltrs - 40 Nos, 240 Kgs.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 24624146
Closing Date 18 - Sep - 2018  |  335 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of rubber packing 5x150x150mm natural rubberas per is: 5192part-2-1994 grade t50 shore 50/-5.
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 23807716
Closing Date 13 - Jun - 2018  |  238 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of condemned all scrap materials, battery, tyre flap used oil, ferrous & non ferrous materials, waste paper, condemned buses & light vehicles (Buses, Jeep, Car, Motor cycle etc.).
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 25583903
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2018  |  164 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement Of Stores During The Financial Year 2017-18 Comdt(Proc) Dte - Ak 47 Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Mp-5 A3 Smg, Glock - 17 Pistol, Ubgl & Matching Grenades, Socks Woolen Hy Khaki, Trouser Ecc, Spare Glasses For Goggles, Gs, Rescue Bag, Carrier Man Pack, Hot Water Bottle Rubber, Winter Overall, Bullet Proof Patka, Non Linear Junction Detector, Fiber Optic Scope, Contactless Stethoscope, 21 Different Types Of Bdd Eqpts, For 10 Cobra Units And, Rajasthan Sector (11 Nos), Dsmd, Hhti (un-cooled) Short Range, Dsmd, Ip Phones, Printers/Plotter, Switches/Firewalls For Old, Location, Full Body Protector For Kashmir, Based Units, Bullet Proof Mobile Morcha, 5 Differential Hematology, Analyzer, Laparoscopy Set, Dental Chair, Non Linear Junction Detector, Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv Against, Condemnation, 43 Nos Bolero And 3 Nos Sumo, Gold, Various Type Of Vehicles For, Ciat Chittor (ciaz-01, Scorpio, S-4 Bs-Iv, 2 Wd -02), Ambulance Against, Condemnation, Various Type Vehicles (ciaz, Sigma(Petrol)-03, Scorpio S-10, Bs-Iv 4wd- 04 Against, Condemnation., Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv 4 Wd For, Sector/Range Hqr, Various Type Of Vehicles (, Scorpio S-10-Bs-Iv 4wd-09, Nos Scorpio S-4 Plus Bs-Iv, 2wd-03 Nos ) Against, Condemnation., Troops Carrier Against, Condemnation, Verna Vtvt 1.4 Ltr Against, Condemnation., Various Type Of Vehicles, Against Condemnation (ciaz, Sigma(Petrol)-01 Scorpio S10, Bs-Iv 4wd-14, Various Type Of Vehicles, Against Condemnation. ( Verna, Vtvt 1.4 Ltr -02, Scorpio-S-2, Plus Bs-Iv-01), Various Type Of Vehicles( Ciaz, Vxi-01, Verna (petrol) Vtvt, 1.4 Ltr -01, Scorpio-S-10 Bsiv,, 4wd) Against, Condemnation, Scorpio S-10 Bs-Iv, 4wd, Ciaz Sigma For Cjswt, Belgaum, Various Type Of Vehicles(, M/Cycle-4, L/V-03, Medium, Vehicle-03, Heavy Vehicle-01,, Ambulance Cum Dog Van-01), For Newly Raised Dog Training, School At Taralu (karnatka), Various Type Of Vehicles For, Ciat Chittor (m/vehicle- 0ne, Ton-02, Water Trcuk-02 And, H/Truck-04), Water Truck Against, Condemnation., Vehicles (h/truck-8 And, Water Truck-02) For Csjwt,, Belgaum( Karnatka., Various Type Of Vehicles( One, Ton-43, M/Bus-03, Fire, Tender-01, Water Truck-33,, Heavy Bus-10, Heavy Truck-, 101 Against Condemnation., Upgradation Kit For Ak Series, Weapons (3 Piece Picatinny, Rail), Moving Target/Portable Target, Set, Pcs For 107 Offices, Ups (0.6 Kva), Ups 3 Kva/1 Kva, Laser Printer Colour/Network, Laser Printer, High End Scanner, Anti Riot Boots, Medium Bullet Proof Vehicles, (mbpv), Servers Of Int Branch, Selo Amc -1 Year, Hiring Charges Of Dr Site -1, Year, Amc Of Tep Software -1 Year, Pcs For Computer Labs, Pups Of Belgian Shepherd, (mialionis) Breed, Driving Simulators For Lmv, Sectionsied Working Model Of, Chassis With Engine, Gear Box,, Inova (crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Gear Box, Tavera, (crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Tata Sumo Bs-Iv, Crdi), Sectionsied Working Model, Engine, Bollero, Air Brakek With Abs Working, Model, Tata 1613, Hydraulic Assisted By Vacuum, Brake With Abs Working Model,, Tata 407 Tc, Working Model Of Power, Steering, Working Model Of Tata 1613, Crdi, Working Model Of Hydraulic, With Air Booster Clutch System, Tata 1613, Sectionsied Model Of Electric, Fuel Pump, Sectionsied Model Of Clutch Air, Booster Tata 1613, Sectionsied Model Of Vp 37, (mico) Tata 1613, Electric Circuit System, Complete Tata 1613 (filo, Board ) Bs-Iv, Mpf I Ignition System Working, Model, Assault Rifles (7.62 X 39 Mm With, Accessories), Pnv Sight For 5.56 Insas Rifle, Assault Rifles, Mgl- (xrgl-40) Pac Basis, Boot Ankle Textile(Jungle, Boot), Tent Extendable (4m), Pf Huts (243 Nos), Pf Huts (1133 Nos), Pf Huts (1105 Nos), Bullet Resistant Jacket, Bullet Resistant Helmet, B.R.Vest, Tactical Blanket System, Ni-Mh Battery Pack For 5w, Hand Held Vhf Radio Sets, Li-Ion Battery Pack 14.8 V For, Vx-1210, Hf Manpack Transceiver Sets 25, W, Laser Printers For Crypto, Centre’s, Line Interactive Ups 1kva For, Crypto Centre’s, 1/5, 25w Vhf With Assys For, North East Based Units, Tx/Rx Hf 100w With Assys, Vhf Repeater 45 W With Assys, Smf Battery 12 V 100 Ahc, Li-Ion Battery Pack For, Gp328/338, Ventilator, Cr System, Physiotherapy- Laser Therapy, Unit, Ground Penetrating Radar, (gprs), Various Type Of Vehicles Against, Condemnation From The Month, Of October,2017 To February,, 2018 @ 30 Vehicles Per Month, Various Type Of Vehicles( Car-02, M/Cycle-12, L/Vehicle-, 15ambulance-03,)Against, Condemnation., Various Type Of Vehicles Against, Condemnation From The Month, Of April-17 To September, 2017, @ 30 Vehicles Per Month., Anti Terrorist Vehicles(Atvs) For, The Kashmir Based Units., Recovery Van( 25 Against, Authorization + 03 Against, Condemnation), Explosive Van For 03 Cws(I,Ii &, Iii), 03 Nos Water Scooter, Armored Tata Safari Vehicles For, 04 Vip Security Bns., Mobile Kitchen Van, Mpvs (out Of Total Authorized, 352 Mpvs) Under Head Mv(G)., Ambulance Cum Dog Van For 19, Bdd Squad And 158 Ci Ops, Units Of Crpf., Water Canon For 10 Nos For L&O, Bns & 6
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu - India Ref.No 21260335
Closing Date 29 - Dec - 2017  |  72 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal of condemned vehicles, condemned scrap materials like empty barrels, condemned batteries, condemned tyres, tubes, flap & scrap spares, iron scraps, tyre buffing dust, waste oil, old records and unclaimed articles lost by the passengers.
Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh - India Ref.No 25500176
Closing Date 13 - Dec - 2017  |  56 Days to go View Tender Details
Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Skid Mounted type ETP at Gopavaram on LSTK basis along with O&M for three years. #*. Supply of Manila ropes. #*. supply of 1" BOP HOSES.
Sector Power Plant Tender Value Rs. 21.50 Million / 2.15 Crore
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 25583503
Closing Date 13 - Dec - 2017  |  56 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Rubber Sheet SMC Chequere.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Rajasthan - India Ref.No 25333245
Closing Date 12 - Dec - 2017  |  55 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Rubber Pad 240x160x18 Mm Made Of Polychloroprene Rubber Compound Grade 'f' Confirming To Properties As Laid Down In Clause No. And Clause No. Of Irs: R 48-88, Specification Shore Hard Ness:70 Plus Minus 5 & Colour Should Be Black. Month & Year Should Be Embossed Besides Companey's Name. Confirming To Rdso Drg. No. Rdso/Pe/Sk/Tl/0084-2005 (rev.0) Alt.2 Suitable For Axle Pulley Of 4.5 Kw Brush Less Alternator.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 25486941
Closing Date 07 - Dec - 2017  |  50 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Set Of Rubber Kit For Poh Of Ep Brake Controller Of 21 Items: (1) "o" Ring J72050/16 -02 Nos. (2) "o" Ring Brake Valve To Pipe Bracket J72050/21 -04 Nos (3) "o" Ring Brake Valve To Pipe Bracket J72050/13 -01 No. (4) "o" Ring Insulating Valve Switch To Pipe Bracket J72050/23 - 4 Nos. (5) "o" Ring Insulating Valve Switch To Pipe Bracket J72050/17 -2 Nos. (6) Diaphragm J71512/1 -1 No. (7) "o" Ring For Valve J72050/7 -1 No. (8) Valve - Less "o" Ring J71515/1 -1 No. (9) "o" Ring For Valve Set Bush Inner J72050/18 -2 Nos. (10) "o" Ring For Valve Spindles J72050/5 -6 Nos. (11) "o" Ring For Valve Seat Bush Inner & Outer J72050/23- 06 Nos. (12) "o" Ring For Valve Body Lower To Valve Body-Upper J72050/19 -1no. (13) Gasket Valve Cap Assembly To Valve Body -lower A70238/22 -2 Nos. (14) "o" Ring J72059/5 -1 No. (15) Diaphragm Follower J71990/27 -1 No. (16) Diaphragm Follower J71990/37 -1 No. (17) Diaphragm J73924/10- 1 No. (18) "o" Ring For Valve Stem J72050/5 -3 Nos. (19) Air Filter Pc 236562 -1 No. (20) Inlet Valve Bush With Bonded Seat J73437/1 -1 No. (21) Exhaust Valve Bush With Bended Seat J73134/1 -01 No.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 25374493
Closing Date 06 - Dec - 2017  |  49 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Spares Of 40mm L/70 Gun (Sofma) (106 Items) - Hose, Pipe Service Line, Trailer, Pipe Air Vessel, Drain Valve, Pipe Main Change Over, Pipe, Air Reservor, Front Bracket, Pipe Main Front Brake Cylinder, Bush Towing Eye, Spring (For Body), Hose, Rear Brake Cylinder, Hose, Front Brake Cylinder, Hose Rear Brake Cylinder Intermediate, Pipe Air Reservor Intermediate Front, Pin Tapper Kp-8x60, Screw Hex Pol Large, Rivet, Spring, Collar, Adapter, Pipe Rear Brake Cylinder, Pin, Cotter Split Sp-5x35, Bracket Travelling Lock, Pipe Regulating Valve/Oil Tank, Brake Hand Right, Lever Operating, Brake Hand Left, Pin Cotter Split, Rod Return Assy, Wheel Assy, Bracket, Bracket, Pipe Service Line, Shoe Brake, Pipe Trailer Control Valve, Pipe, Change Over Valve, Bracket, Plunger, Hose, Hose, Plunger, Cylinder, Brake, Lever, Cover, Eye Towing, Plate, Handle, Jointing Fork Housing Cover, Jointing Fork Housing, Plunger Locking Out-Rigger, Covering, Rod, Axle, Lever, Valve, Circlip, Screw, Pin, Spring, Retrun, Washer, Washer, Pin, Jointing Cover, Screw Grub Spigot End, Ring Sealing, Brake Wheel, Brake Wheel, Brake Wheel, Expander Assy, Brake Wheel, Pin Half, Pin Half, Pin, Pin, Ball, Roller, Stop, Strap, Strap, Collar, Collar, Plate, Sector Toothed, Sector Toothed, Spring, Ecentric, Collar, Ring Sealing, Spring, Adapter Reservor Drain Valve, Adapter, Cam, Spring, Nub, Cable Assy Front Platform, Lever, Bracket, Clamp, Nut Lock Hex Pol, Collar, Collar, Collar, Plate, Handle Bakelite Covered, Valve Pivot 48 Traverse, (For Hydraulic Drive),
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