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TAID : 1440902
Tender Result Brief : Supply of Stores - cover plate, cover hub, wheel bolt m14, wheel nut m14, lock washer, hex head screw m8x20, washer m8 od 17x1.55, tapper roller bearing ( id-60 ), gear (motor), ball bearing -62102 ks, circlip, gear (idler), shaft (idler), reinforced extra side wall tyre 10-16.5 (8pr), valve assy, hose assy, benjo bolt, hose assy, benjo assy, benjo assy, copper washer, pipe assy (spool lock), hose assy, hose assy, adjusteble tee (9/16-18), hose ( case drain ), hose assy, tee adaptor, hose assy, union, solenoid brake valve , clamp, hex head screw m8x25, pipe assy, pipe assy, clamp plate, tee union, tee, control lever w/a-lh, control lever -rh, gear lever knob with horn switch, hex head screw m10x30, washer m10, hex nut m10, plate assy - rh, hex lock nut nylock m8, gaiter, bush, plate, plate, adaptor, hex nut m8 , zn, bush, hex head bolt m6x16, plate rh (symmetrically opp.to 3h0150), hex nut ( thin) m8, hex nut m8, hex head screw m6x30, dowel spacial pin, ball joint, block , auxiliary cable, adopter, rubber pad, pin ( cab mounting ), rubber beading, top roof glass, rear glass, cab mounting bracket, pin, pin, spring lock, circlip external, screw allon m8 x 12, screw hex m8x14, washer m6 od 18x1.55, washer m8, hex head bolt m12x35, washer m12, bracket (door lock ), pc side sheet rh, pc side sheet lh, tapping screw pan -head m6x10, console lh, console rh, plate insert lh, plate insert rh, rear side panel lh, rear side panel rh, hex head screw m4 x16, washer m4, fan, sun wiser, front door glass, door glass with frame, gas strut for fornt door, wiper motor with blade 330 mm , hose assy, adaptor, brass washer, benjo bolt, pin ( cab cylinder), cab lift cylinder, adaptor (cab lift pump), adaptor (cab lift pump), hand pump seal kit, seat assy, seat belt assy, hex head bolt m6x20, handle assy, restrint bar foam, switch restrint bar , knob, handle holder lh, plug, sight glass, packing ring (copper washer), drain plug, breather, engine cover top, engine cover bottom, rubber cap, hex lock nut nyloc m6, door guide, special bolt door - 14, grease nipple - m10, pin door hinge, direction indicator light, work lamp assy, horn, washer standard m8, dummy switch, front wiper switch, internal light swich(cabin light), dual indicator hyd clog (fuel filter), fan switch, hyd oil temp gauge, water temp gauge, work light switch, beacon light switch, parking brake switch, dual indicator battery /heater glow, dual indicator water temp/oil pressure, fuel gauge, 4way ignition switch, left right indicator switch, cabin harness for skid steer, chassis harness for skid steer, dash board harness - lh, dash board harness -rh, battery cut off switch, battery, rubber mat, battery cable + ve, earth wire, relay heater, hydraulic oil temp.sensor m14x1.5, water temperature sensor , drg no-mwh 81 -02 (1)wire 2 ga black, terminal m10,pvc sleeve 16mm, drg no-mwh 81 -03 (1)wire 1/0 ga black,(2) battery terminal -ve,(3) uma,m10,ring termina, head (filter), element (filter), hyd.clog indicator, hose assy, adaptor, adaptor, hose, connector - 7/8-14, 45* adj .elbow - 1 1/16-12, connector - 1 1/16-12, hose, pipe assy, suction hose hydraulic pump, hose, hose, radiator assy, radiator cap, radiator top hose, flaxible hose clip, flaxible hose clip, radiator bottom hose, flaxible hose clip, radiator drain hose, flaxible hose clip, rad mounting rubber pad-lower, intake line hose assy, return line hose, bend hose, pipe, service indicator, elbow, air cleaner, pre cleaner, rubber hose, air cleaner hose, air filter element - inner, air filter element - outer, rubber boot, v clamp, hose clip, pipe , exhaust, hose clip, exhaust elbow, spring, stake pipe, throttle cable, spring extension, anchor bracket, strain bar, air cleaner clamp / mounting bracket, hydraulic pump assy, rear pump(with charge pump), roteting kit sub assy, insert complete, plate valve, cup bearing, plate cover sub assy lh, seal kit for gear pump 25500-901, cup bearing, ball, plate - valve, drive gear s/a, ideler gear s/a, body s/a, valve block - husco, seal kit, hose, elbow aux.pump section, hose assy, hose assy, section hose charge pump, bifurcation pipe, case drain p[ipe, breather, copper washer, o ; ring, hose, hose, philip screw m5x16, filler cap (fuel), fuel sensor unit, hose, outer cover, o : ring, grease groove bush (top), outer cover, o : ring, grease groove bush , pin assy, pin assy, pin assy, hex head screw m10x16, bucket cylinder lh, bucket cylinder rh, bracket assy, pipe assy, hose assy, pipe assy, pipe assy, clamp, hex head bolt m8x30, clamp(chrome polished/black), clamp, connector - 3/4-16, hose assy, hose assy, hex head screw m8x35, rubber pad, pipe assy, spring pin, clevis pin, safity fastener, clevis, clevis, spool assy rh, spool lh, hex head screw - m6x20, hex head screw - m8x16, special clavis pin, pull cable (loader arm), x bar, rubber cap, latch assy complite .rh, bucket assy, bucket tooth, bolt , hex nut 5/8" - 18unf, cab lift cylinder, gland, bushes cabin lift cylinder, lift cylinder, gland, bush, bush lift cylinder, bucket cylinder rh, gland, bush, seal kit (bucket cylinder), circlip, bucket cylinder lh, knob, hose 1/4" x 51" long, hose1/4"x61" long, hose1/4"x81" long, hose1/4"x98" long, hose1/4"x48" long, hose3/4"x95" long, hose3/4"x101" long, hood pin, anger pin and circlip kit, hose with 1/2" iso qc, hose with 1/2" flush face std qc, pm2 pilot, toth standard - tc, tooth standard - chiesel - tc, snap ring, pin, elastic pin, rubber plug, ring nut, screw, grease nipple, bushing, pin, screw, stop nut, bushing, grease nipple , pin, washer, pin, pin, screw, ring nut, primary arm, articulated arm, screw, nut, joint kit, joint kit, joint kit, joint kit, m.quick coupling, flaxible hose , flaxible hose , flaxible hose , flaxible hose , seal, flaxible hose , flaxible hose , flaxible hose , washer, control valve, flexible hose, rubber boot, pipe fitting, drilled screw, hose, hose, vectra rubber tracks, flexible hose, flexible hose, set main bearing, bearing thrust, kit, engine piston, ring, retaining, ring, piston, pin, piston , bearing, connecting rod upper & lower, valve tappet, alternator , fan belt, seal 'o' ring, sensor water temperature, pressure switch, connection air intake, guide valve, valve inlet, valve exhaust, seal valve stamp, ring gear without fly wheel, motor starter, hose, elbow, tube, fuel drain, hose plain, plug pipe, adjusting nut assy, dreve shaft valve, pulley, fan, cartage fuel filter, level, sensor, tube filter, fan , screw, hex flange head cap, fan spacer, gasket , seal dust, holder injector, washer , screw, hex flange head cap, bracket front engine, screw, flange hex head cap, gauge oil, screw hex flange, head cap, element lubrication oil filter, pan oil, screw adjust, nut adjust, screw, hex flange head cap, turbo charger, stud, nut, isolator, noise, cap oil filter, hose, hose, clamp, air heater starting aid kit, spacer , connection water outlet, screw, hex flange head cap, kit water pump, seal 'o' ring, thermo state , manifold exhaust, screw flange head cap, plug, washer sealing, clamp , hose oil drain, banjo hose, banjo, copper washer, banjo adopter, copper washer, drain plug , nozzle injector, pulley crank shaft, key, rod push, screw hex head cap, plate cover, hose molded, clamp hose, plug expansion, screw hex flange head cap, plain washer, plte front, screw hexagon, connector banjo, connector male, connector male, tube injector fuel, tube injector fuel, tube injector fuel, tube injector fuel, head fuel filter, plug drain, screw hex flange, mani foold intake, screw hex flange head cap, bracket rear engine, guide gauge(oil gauge), screw hex flange head cap, tube breather , tube turbo inlet, tube outlet, engine mtg pad.

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Location : India - Delhi
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Contract Award Date : 18-10-2019
Contract End Date : 16-01-2020
Contract Value : INR 26139201.00

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