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Tender Result Brief : Procurement of drugs - aceclofenac tab ip 100 mg, acetazolamide tab ip 250 mg, acetyl salicylic acid tab ip(gastro-resistant) 150 mg, acetylsalicylic acid tab ip(gastro-resistant) 75 mg, activated charcoal ip 10 gm, acyclovir eye ointment ip 3%, acyclovir tab ip 400 mg, adenosine inj ip 3 mg/ml, adrenaline bitartrate inj ip 1 mg/ml, albendazole oral suspension ip 200 mg/5 ml, albendazole tab ip 400 mg, allopurinol tab ip 100 mg, alprazolam tab ip 0.25 mg, amikacin sulphate inj ip 250 mg/2 ml, aminophylline inj ip 25 mg/ml, amiodarone sterile concentrate ip 50 mg/ml, amiodarone tab ip 100 mg, amitriptyline tab ip 25 mg, amlodipine tab ip(film coated) 5 mg, amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate tab ip 500 mg + 125 mg, amoxycillin + potassium clavulanate oral suspension each ml of reconstituted suspension contains; amoxycillin trihydrate ip equivalent to amoxicillin 80mg and potassium clavunate ip equivalent to clavulanic acid 11.4mg, amoxycillin and potassium clavulanate inj ip 1.2 gm, amoxycillin and potassium clavulanate oral suspension ip each 5 ml contains; 400 mg + 57 mg, amoxycillin cap ip 250 mg, amoxycillin cap ip 500 mg, amoxycillin oral suspension ip 250 mg/5 ml, ampicillin cap ip 250 mg, ampicillin cap ip 500 mg, ampicillin inj ip 500 mg, anti snake venom (freeze dried) polyvalent inj 10 ml, atorvastatin tab ip 10 mg, atorvastatin tab ip 20 mg, atracurium besylate inj ip 10 mg/ml, atropine eye drops bp/usp 1%, atropine eye ointment ip 1% w/w, atropine sulphate inj ip 0.6 mg/ml, atropine sulphate inj ip 1 mg/ml, azithromycin inj 500 mg, azithromycin oral suspension ip 200 mg/5 ml, azithromycin tab ip 500 mg, baclofen tab ip 10 mg, benzyl benzoate application ip 25% w/w, benzyl pencillin inj ip 10 lakhs units, betahistine tab ip 8 mg, betamethasone inj ip 4 mg/ml, betamethasone dipropionate cream ip 0.05% w/w, bimatoprost eye drops 0.03%, bisacodyl suppository ip 10 mg, bisacodyl suppository ip 5 mg, bisacodyl tab ip 5 mg, brimonidine eye drops ip 0.20%, bromhexine tab ip 8 mg, budesonide inhaler 100 mcg/puff, budesonide nebuliser suspension 0.5 mg/ml, bupivacaine hydrochloride in dextrose inj usp 0.50%, bupivacaine inj ip 0.25%, bupivacaine inj ip 0.50%, calamine lotion ip 50 ml, calcium and vitamin d3 tab ip equivalent to elemental calcium 500 mg and vitamin d3 250iu, calcium carbonate +vitamin d3 suspension 250 mg+ 125 iu, calcium dobesilate cap 500 mg, calcium gluconate inj ip 10% w/v, carbamazepine oral suspension bp/usp 100 mg/5 ml, carbamazepine tab ip 200 mg, carbidopa + levodopa tab ip 25 mg+ 100 mg, carboxy methylcellulose eye drops ip 0.50%, carvedilol tab ip 6.25 mg, carvedilol tab ip 25 mg, cefazolin sodium inj ip 1 gm, cefixime tab ip 200 mg, cefoperazone + sulbactam inj 1 gm + 0.5 gm, cefotaxime sodium inj ip 1 gm, cefpodoxime proxetil tab ip 200 mg, ceftriaxone inj ip 1 gm, cefuroxime axetil oral suspension bp/usp 125 mg/5 ml , cefuroxime inj ip 750 mg, cephalexin cap ip 500 mg, cephalexin oral suspension (dry) ip 125 mg/5 ml, cetirizine syrup ip 5 mg/5 ml, cetirizine tab ip 10 mg, chlorhexidine mouth wash ip 0.2% w/v, "chloroquine phosphate tab ip , each tablet contains, chloroquine phosphate ip 250mg equivalent to 155mg of chloroquine", chlorpheniramine maleate inj ip 10 mg/ml, chlorpheniramine maleate tab ip 4 mg, chlorpromazine tab ip 50 mg, chlorthalidone tab ip 12.5 mg, cinnarizine tab ip 25 mg, ciprofloxacin + dexamethasone eye/ear drops 0.3 %+ 0.1 %, ciprofloxacin + tinidazole tab 500 mg + 600 mg, ciprofloxacin eye/ear drops ip 0.3% w/v, ciprofloxacin inj ip 2 mg/ml, ciprofloxacin tab ip 500 mg, clindamycin + clotrimazole vaginal pessary 100 mg+200 mg, clobazam tab ip 10 mg, clobetasole propionate cream ip 0.05%, clomiphene citrate tab ip 50 mg, clomipramine cap ip 25 mg, clonazepam tab ip 0.5 mg, clonidine tab ip 100 mcg, clopidogrel tab ip 75 mg, clotrimazole cream ip 1% w/w, clotrimazole mouth paint 1%, clotrimazole vaginal pessaries ip 200 mg, cloxacillin cap ip 250 mg, cloxacillin inj ip 500 mg, clozapine tab ip 25 mg, clozapine tab ip 100 mg, co-trimoxazole oral suspension ip 40 mg + 200 mg, co-trimoxazole tab ip 160 mg+ 800 mg, "cough syrup , each 5 ml contains: ambroxol hcl- 15 mg, guiphenesin- 50 mg , terbutaline sulphate- 1.25 mg , menthol- 2.5 mg, flavoured syrupy base q.s", deflazacort tab 6 mg, dexamethasone inj ip 4 mg/ml, dexamethasone eye drops bp 0.1%, dexamethasone tab ip 0.5 mg, dexmeditomedine inj usp 200 mcg/2 ml, dextran 40 in sodium chloride inj ip low molecular wt dextran 10% in sodium chloride inj 0.9%, dextrose inj ip 5%, dextrose inj ip 10%, dextrose inj ip 25%, diazepam inj ip 5 mg/ml, diazepam suppository 5 mg, diazepam tab ip 5 mg, diclofenac gel ip 1% w/w, diclofenac sodium inj ip 25 mg/ml, diclofenac sodium tab ip(gastro-resistant) 50 mg, dicyclomine hcl inj ip 10 mg/ml, dicyclomine hcl tab ip 10 mg, diethyl carbamazine tab ip 100 mg, digoxin inj ip 0.5 mg/2 ml, digoxin tab ip 0.25 mg, diltiazem inj ip 5 mg/ml, diltiazem tab ip 30 mg, dobutamine hcl inj ip 50 mg/ml, domperidone tab ip (film coated) 10 mg, dopamine hcl inj ip/usp 40 mg/ml, dorzolamide + timolol eye drops ip 2 % + 0.5 %, dorzolamide eye drops ip 2% w/v, doxycycline tab usp 100 mg, doxylamine succinate tab usp 10 mg , enalapril maleate tab ip(film coated) 5 mg, enoxaparin injection ip (low molecular weight heparin inj) 40 mg/0.4 ml, escitalopram tab ip 10 mg, expectorant mixture concentrated each 5 ml contains: c amphorated opium tincture ip 66- 1.62 ml, tincture ipecacuanha ip 66 – 0.875 ml, tincture urgenia ip 66 - 0.75 ml, aromatic spirit of ammonia ip 66 -0.875 ml, chloroform ip 0.025 ml, water qs, alcohol content 40- 45% v/v., fentanyl citrate inj ip 50 mcg/ml, ferrous sulphate tab ip each tablet contains dried ferrous sulphate 200 mg equivalent to elemental iron 60 mg, fluconazole tab ip 150 mg, flunarizine tab 10 mg, fluorometholone eye drops ip 0.1% w/v, fluoxetine cap ip 20 mg, fluphenazine decanoate inj ip 25 mg, flurbiprofen eye drops ip 0.03% w/v, folic acid tab ip 5 mg, frusemide inj ip 10 mg/ml, frusemide tab ip 40 mg, gabapentin tab ip 100 mg, gentamicin eye drops ip 0.3% w/v, gentamicin inj ip 40 mg/ml, glimepiride tab ip 1 mg, glimepiride tab ip 2 mg, glycerine and sodium chloride enema contains: glycerine ip 15% w/v, sodium chloride ip 15% w/v and purified water ip q.s, glycopyrrolate inj ip 0.2 mg/ml, haloperidol inj ip 5 mg/ml, haloperidol tab ip 5 mg, heparin sodium inj ip 5000 iu/ml, homatropine eye drops ip 2% w/v, hydrochlorothiazide tab ip 25 mg, hydrocortisone sodium succinate inj ip 100 mg, hydroxy chloroquine tab ip 200 mg, hydroxy ethyl starch iv infusion 6% 130kda/0.4, hydroxy progesterone caproate inj ip 250 mg/ml, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose eye drops 0.30%, hydroxy urea cap ip 500 mg, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose ophthalmic solution 2%, hydroxyzine tab ip 25 mg, hyoscine butylbromide inj ip 20 mg/ml, indomethacin cap ip 25 mg, iohexol inj usp 350 mg/ml, iohexol inj usp 350 mg/ml, ipratropium nebulising solution 250 mcg/ml, iron sucrose inj usp 20 mg elemental iron/ml, isoflurane liquid 100 ml, isosorbide dinitrate tab ip 10 mg, ivermectin tab usp 6 mg, ketamine inj ip 50 mg/ml, ketoconazole cream bp 2%, ketorolac tromethamine inj ip 30 mg/ml, labetalol inj ip 5 mg/ml, labetalol tab ip 100 mg, lactulose solution usp 667 mg/ml, levetiracetam tab ip 500 mg, levofloxacin tab ip 500 mg, lignocaine 2% with adrenaline inj ip 1:200000, lignocaine hcl gel ip 2% w/v, lignocaine hcl inj ip 4% w/v, lignocaine hcl inj ip (for iv use-preservative free) 2% w/v, lignocaine hcl inj ip (for im use) 2% w/v, linezolid inj 200 mg/100 ml, linezolid tab ip 600 mg, liquid paraffin ip 100 ml, lithium carbonate tab ip 300 mg, lorazepam inj ip 2 mg/ml, lorazepam tab ip 2 mg, losartan potassium tab ip 25 mg, losartan potassium tab ip 50 mg, magnesium sulphate inj ip 500 mg/ml, magnesium sulphate paste bp 100 gm, mannitol inj ip 20% w/v, medroxy progesterone acetate tab ip 10 mg, mefena

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Location : India - Kerala
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