Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Health Services/Equipments Supply of ISI marked centrifugally cast spun ductile Iron K9 socket and spigot pressure pipes conforming to IS 8329 and its subsequent amendments Improvement of water supply to Biramitrapur town under DMF INR 7.85 Cr INR 78.57 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 28278533 India | Orissa (Odisha)
2. Sector:Health Services/Equipments Replacement of Submersible Pump Sets, Submersible cable, G.I. Pipes and Panel boards at Water Supply Schemes under Division with 2 years operation and maintenance and 1 year defect liability period. INR 1.20 Cr INR 12 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 28128709 India | Rajasthan
3. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply Of Gi Pipe And Fittings For Water Supply Maintenance As Per Schedule Of Quantity On Annual Rate Contract Basis Under Store Wwd INR 1.17 Cr INR 11.71 Mn
10 Days to go
DID : 28405064 India | Madhya Pradesh
4. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply Of Different Types Of Ci, Di Fittings And Maintenance Materials For Water Supply Arrangement On Annual Rate Contract Basis Under Store Wwd INR 90.18 Lac INR 9.01 Mn
10 Days to go
DID : 28404902 India | Madhya Pradesh
5. Sector:Recreational Services Provide of Tent Work, Mike Light Decoration, Banner Flex Board Hoardings.
Supply of Stationary Item, Tyre Tube, Iron Item, Electric Item, Public Health Item.
Painting Work.
Provide of Advertisement Board.
Supply of Granite Bench, Cement Bench, Wheel Barrow, Furniture, Pipeline Fitting Item, Water Camper, Fire Fighting Item.
Maintenance of Electricity, Submersible Motor
INR 64 Lac INR 6.40 Mn
4 Days to go
DID : 28366217 India | Rajasthan
6. Sector:Water Storage and Supply Changing Of 32mm Dia G.I. Pipe, Connecting Rod, C.I. Cylinder Etc In India Mark Ii Drilled T/Well Under D.W.& S. Department/District Planing Committee In D.W.& S. Division, On Turn Key Basis For The Year 2017-18. INR 52.34 Lac INR 5.23 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 28479057 India | Jharkhand
7. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply of construction material - cement, interlocking block, Iron material, electric and sanitary material at All Gram Panchayat Ps Masuda. INR 50 Lac INR 5 Mn
6 Days to go
DID : 28357278 India | Rajasthan
8. Sector:Recreational Services Tent work at various places.
Mic and light decoration work.
Banner flex board hoarding.
Supply of stationary material.
Supply of tyre tubes.
Supply of Iron material.
Supply of electrical material.
Supply of material for health department.
Painting work at various places.
Work of advertisement board.
Supply of granite, cement benches.
Supply of ...
INR 50 Lac INR 5 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 28362517 India | Rajasthan
9. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply of Miscellaneous Building Materials - Cement, Fine Aggregate, Gitty Stone, Brick, Lime Stone, Sand Stone, Rough Kota Stone, Polish Kota Stone, Marble Stone, Stone Slab, Precast Tiles/Blocks, Interlocking Tiles/Brick/Block, Wood with Fittings, Structural Steel, Grill, Glass, Paint, Enamel Paint, Distemper, Petroleum Product, Mobil Oil, Plain Sheet, GI Sheet, MS Sheet, Asbestos Cement Sheet, PVC Sheet, GI Pipe, AC Pipe,... INR 50 Lac INR 5 Mn
6 Days to go
DID : 28484105 India | Rajasthan
10. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Providing of Iron, lead, zinc, tin and copper. UAH 39.90 Lac UAH 3.99 Mn
12 Days to go
DID : 28195904 Ukraine | Not Classified
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