Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Civil Works Quarrying of sand at mileage 49/1plus100 to 49/4 in LB of Coleroon river SF No. 509E (P) in Vazhkai village and conveying the Quarried sand to Government sand Depot in Punavasal village in Thiruvaiyaru Taluk of District INR 6.70 Cr INR 67 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 28521425 India | Tamil Nadu
2. Sector:Civil Works Quarrying of sand at mileage 38/3 to 38/5 in Left Bank of coleroon river SF No. 158 (P) in Thirumanur Village and conveying the Quarried Sand to Government Sand Depot in Sathamangalam village , Taluk , Ariyalur District INR 6.06 Cr INR 60.60 Mn
Closing today
DID : 28335493 India | Tamil Nadu
3. Sector:Civil Works Quarrying of sand in Coleroon River at the Quarry of Kunjamedu Village in Kattumannarkoil Taluk of Cuddalore District and conveyance of sand to depot at Muttam Village in Kattumannarkoil Taluk of District INR 1.93 Cr INR 19.30 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 28521432 India | Tamil Nadu
4. Sector:Prime Movers Supply Of Haematite Powder And Gelly. INR 1.32 Cr INR 13.27 Mn
4 Days to go
DID : 28505276 India | Multi State
5. Sector:Railways Transport Services Extension of old IOH Shed with examination pit and construction of Rest Room for female staff at Coaching Depot, Bhubaneswar INR 1.00 Cr INR 10.05 Mn
35 Days to go
DID : 28489470 India | Orissa (Odisha)
6. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Removal and burial of solid waste, estimates from hard coverings, burial of ash and slag at the range of Fedorovka. KZT 87.78 Lac KZT 8.77 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 27960882 Kazakhstan | Not Classified
7. Sector:Minerals Pushing Of Tubs In Underground At Chikla Mine INR 85.57 Lac INR 8.55 Mn
28 Days to go
DID : 28454892 India | Maharashtra
8. Sector:Minerals Recovery Of Ferro Grade Td 4505 And Sm Grade Ore Tdl 439 And Tdl 499 From North Magazine Dump At Tirodi Mine. INR 76.43 Lac INR 7.64 Mn
14 Days to go
DID : 28176476 India | Maharashtra
9. Sector:Mining Equipments E Auction Contract for Allotment of mining . INR 73.92 Lac INR 7.39 Mn
18 Days to go
DID : 28492136 India | Uttaranchal
10. Sector:Municipal Corporations Providing & Supplying of Epoxy paint, Lubricant oil, M.S. angle, M.S. bars , M.S. flats , Cement , Mobile oil, Transformer oil, Nut bolts, R.S. joists, channels, etc., Rubber gasket , White cement, Grease, Black enemal paint Anti corrosive, M.S. plate, White lead , Mediclor, lock, brush, channi, torch chargeable, rope , hand gloves, gumboot, OT Solution, PPM Kit, oil paper, Nylon Rope, Rubber Patch, unplasticised PVC pipes ,... INR 50 Lac INR 5 Mn
8 Days to go
DID : 28388440 India | Maharashtra
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