Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Coal and Lignite Hiring of HEMM for removal of OB, extraction and transportation of Coal with firefighting from XV, XIV and XIII seams of Patch B of Kankanee colliery of Sijua Area INR 110.79 Cr INR 1.10 Bn
3 Days to go
DID : 28221828 India | Jharkhand
2. Sector:Minerals Work of Removal of Overburden/Interburden by excavation, transportation to dumps and related ancillary activities.
Work of Excavation and Loading of Lignite into dumpers from mine face and related ancillary activities.
Work of Transportation and unloading of Lignite - Raw lignite from mine face to Pyrite removal plant/Stack Yard and related ancillary activities.
Processed lignite from Pyrite removal plant...
INR 91 Cr INR 910 Mn
11 Days to go
DID : 28143911 India | Gujarat
3. Sector:Recreational Services Rate contact for supply and delivery of Auto tipper with twin compartment. INR 24 Cr INR 240 Mn
19 Days to go
DID : 28283480 India | Rajasthan
4. Sector:Recreational Services Rate Contract For Supply And Delivery Of Auto Tipper With Twin Compartment INR 24 Cr INR 240 Mn
19 Days to go
DID : 28315615 India | Rajasthan
5. Sector:Minerals complete design, engineering, manufacture, fabrication, assembly, inspection, shop testing, supply, handling, storage, watch & ward, erection, painting, testing, commissioning of plant & equipment complete with civil, structural, electrics and demonstrations of performance guarantee parameters of the sizing plant of uranium/material crushing/sizing system and eot crane & dust extraction (de) system facilities in a... INR 20.78 Cr INR 207.88 Mn
21 Days to go
DID : 28077291 India | Jharkhand
6. Sector:Water Storage and Supply Procurement of fleet of machineries for dredging/ excavation in the tributaries of river brahmaputra and barak.
procurement of “cutter suction dredger, amphibious excavator, tipper/dumper, hdpf inflate boat and their operation and maintenance thereof in two bid system (technical & financial bids) for supply, testing, commissioning and operational of machineries.
INR 12.57 Cr INR 125.70 Mn
17 Days to go
DID : 28457959 India | Assam
7. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies NEPO and TPPL Purchase of Grounds Maintenance Equipment and Plant Framework.
Purchase of a variety of handheld tools, including but limited to all electrical and mechanical (e.g. chainsaws, blowers, strimmers, rollers).
GBP 10 Cr GBP 100 Mn
22 Days to go
DID : 28303455 United Kingdom | Not Classified
8. Sector:Coal and Lignite Procurement of spare parts for Cummins engines under rate contract for a period of one year on proprietary basis from Cummins India Limited or its authorized dealer -M.s. Bolts & nuts, rivets, washers & screws, dog nails, fish plates, nuts & bolts for fish plates, belt jointing pins, cable hooks and signal hooks, belt conveyor rollers, belt sections, resin capsules, cement capsules, gi canisters, blasting gallery – spacers,... INR 10 Cr INR 100 Mn
7 Days to go
DID : 28441707 India | Telangana
9. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Service for the provision of excavators with multifunctional additional equipment (bucket, multiprocessor scissors, hydraulic hammer, bucket crushing) for dismantling, dismantling and utilization of buildings and structures on the sites 3b, 10, 18, 21, 23, 21a, 81, 82, 113, 113g, 114b, 112, 118, 75, 2b of the "baikonur" complex, followed by processing of construction waste. (it is necessary to pay attention to the technical... KZT 9.70 Cr KZT 97 Mn
8 Days to go
DID : 28206234 Kazakhstan | Not Classified
10. Sector:Coal and Lignite Hiring of Pay Loaders for Mechanical Transfer of Crushed Coal in to Wagons at MGR Siding/ New MGR Siding of Lakhanpur OCP, Lakhanpur Area. INR 5.67 Cr INR 56.74 Mn
13 Days to go
DID : 28418271 India | Orissa (Odisha)
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