Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Railways Transport Services Earthwork in bank / cutting for formation ( including side drains & trolley refuges)for new BG Chord line and on/adjoining the existing BG line formation including Level X-ings, yards, bridge approaches, platforms etc. , construction of major/minor ridges/RUBs/LHSs as per Railway approved drawings and Supplying and stacking of 50 mm gauge machine crushed stone ballast along the cess between Laxmibai Nagar (including ... INR 64.07 Cr INR 640.73 Mn
25 Days to go
DID : 28435261 India | Multi State
2. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Track, field diagnostic tests and gauge measurement for GYSEV Zrt. HUF 20 Cr HUF 200 Mn
20 Days to go
DID : 28236436 Hungary | Not Classified
3. Sector:Coal and Lignite Procurement of spare parts for Cummins engines under rate contract for a period of one year on proprietary basis from Cummins India Limited or its authorized dealer -M.s. Bolts & nuts, rivets, washers & screws, dog nails, fish plates, nuts & bolts for fish plates, belt jointing pins, cable hooks and signal hooks, belt conveyor rollers, belt sections, resin capsules, cement capsules, gi canisters, blasting gallery – spacers,... INR 10 Cr INR 100 Mn
6 Days to go
DID : 28441707 India | Telangana
4. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Purchase of shut-off and control valves-3 for "Astana-energy". KZT 9.58 Cr KZT 95.81 Mn
18 Days to go
DID : 28370257 Kazakhstan | Not Classified
5. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Repair of gas-pumping units of the type GPU-16 station numbers ?1, ?3, ?4 at the compressor station KS-33P "Hrebinkivska" with the replacement of gas turbine engines type ??59?2 on gas turbine engines type ??90?2.1 (Services in repair and maintenance of pumps, valves, taps, metal containers and machinery) UAH 9.27 Cr UAH 92.71 Mn
31 Days to go
DID : 28442313 Ukraine | Not Classified
6. Sector:Railways Transport Services Re-conditioning cum Repair of 100 Valve Sets of Traction Converter for 3-phase locomotives' against Bulk RSP P.B. No. 1171/2015-16 INR 5.45 Cr INR 54.50 Mn
9 Days to go
DID : 27972607 India | Multi State
7. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Execution of construction and assembly and commissioning works. Technical re-equipment. VP ZNPP, Energodar, Promyshlennaya, 133. Energoblok number 4. Reactor department. Turbine department. Installation of fire-fighting valves on air ducts near the fire barriers of ventilation centers, premises of storage batteries, cable structures and premises containing electrical and electronic equipment separating them from premises of... UAH 3.85 Cr UAH 38.50 Mn
9 Days to go
DID : 28397778 Ukraine | Not Classified
8. Sector:Railways Transport Services Repairs to Valve sets of traction converter of WAG9 locomotives INR 3.72 Cr INR 37.25 Mn
27 Days to go
DID : 28448097 India | Multi State
9. Sector:Security Services Supply of Spares Of Mtu Diesel Engine Model - Washer Lock, Washer Spring, Spring Washer, Circlip 72x2.5, Snap Ring 80 X 2.5 Din 472, Expansion Pipe, Stud, Screw M10x40, Screw M10x30, Screw M10 X 40 (0009310100054), Screw M12x50, Screw, Screw Vent, Ring Rubber, Sealing Ring, Piston Ring, Valve Pressure, Nozzle Valve, Nozzle Element, Gasket, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Sensor, Tachometer, Injector Unit, Sperical Washer, Key,... INR 3.41 Cr INR 34.13 Mn
20 Days to go
DID : 28434282 India | Maharashtra
10. Sector:Education And Research Institute Supply of Tools Equipment -Rule steel 300 mm both in inch and mm, rule wooden 4 fold, 600 mm, hacksaw frame adjustable for 250 to 300 mm, scriber 200 mm, centre punch 100 mm, chisel cold, flat 20 mm, hammer ball pein 800 grams, hammer ball pein 50 grams, file flat rough 300 mm, level spirit wooden 300 mm, plumb bob 50 grams, trowel c-125-i s 6013, stillson wrench 200 & 350 mm, screw driver 250 mm, wooden mallet small i s... INR 3 Cr INR 30 Mn
Closing today
DID : 28449619 India | Uttar Pradesh
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