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Sector Security Services Tender Value Rs. 2.96 Million approx. / 29.63 Lakh approx.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 26691105
Closing Date 03 - Jan - 2018  |  16 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 1. Eyelet Brass No. 28 With Turnover Washer 2. Eyelet Brass No. 21 With Turn Over Washer.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 26600615
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2018  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Brass Round 55mm Dia.To Is:319 Any Condition And 1.3m Long
Sector Shipping Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 26671074
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2018  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Ferrous And Non Ferrous Item:- Bar, Carbon Steel Black En24, 50mm Dia, Round Bar, Nickel Chrome Steel, Round Bar, M S Bright Steel, Hex Bar, Naval Brass, Rod, Naval Brass, Round Bar, Stainless Steel, Round Bar, Ms Bright Steel, Sheet, Brass, Sheet, Copper, Solid Bar, Gun Metal, Solid Bar, Phosphoruss Bronze, Bar C I Round .
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 26695866
Closing Date 02 - Jan - 2018  |  15 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 2000NOS 6mm Brass Ferrule, 9500mtr TATA medium 15mm dia G. I Pipe and other specials for new house connection under 14th Finance.
Sector Municipal Corporations Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 26718851
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2017  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 2000 NOS 6mm brass ferrule, 95 mtr TATA medium 15mm dia G I pipe and other specials for new house connection under 14th finance.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 25701762
Closing Date 30 - Dec - 2017  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Expression Interest Of Items Of Ammunition Factory - Electrolytic Tinplate Sheet Equally Coated Code E 5.6/5.6 Size, 710 Mm X 765 Mm X 0.25 Mm Thick. Temper T 57/T 61 Conforming To, Specn Is:1993-2006 (Fourth Revision), Electrolytic Tin Plate Sheet Equally Coated Code E 5.6/5.6, Size, 710 Mm X 765 Mm X 0.30 Mm Thick,Temper T 57,Conforming To, Specn Is:1993-2006 (Fourth Revision), Electrolytic Tin Plate 710 X 510 X 0.50mm Tin Coating 5.60/5.60, Gm/M Raised To 5 To Specn: Is: 1993(Latest Issue)., Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheets Size 2.5 Mm + - 0.10 Mm, Thickness X 1000 Mm X 2500 Mm. Specn : Is :1079-1994 With, Amendment No.4. Gr. Fe 410., Wire Mild Steel 4 Mm Dia Halh Hard Bright Drawn Annealed To, Specn. Is 280 1978 3rd Revision., Cold Rolled Steel Strip(Box Strapping)13mm Widex 0.5mm Thick, Tensile Strength 63 To 70 Kgf/Sqr Mm(618n/Sqr Mm To 686n/Sqr, Mm) Blue Finish.Coil Immersed In Anti-Rust Solution Prior To, Wrapping With Suitable Hessian Cloth.Approx.Outside Dia Of Coil, To Be 650 Mm X Int Dia 400 Mm Specn Is 5872-1990 Re:00, Wire Mild Steel Annealed,Galvanised (Light Coating), Dia 0.9, Mm To Specn Is: 280- 2006 (4th Rev), Clips(Seals) To Suit Tape Banding Of 13 Mm + - 0.15 Mm Width X 0.5, Mm + - 0.03 Mm Thick, Material Steel Strip Hard To Specn Is:1029-, 1970 First Revision With Amendment No. 1 & 2, Steel Wire, Cold Drawn, Annealed And Phosphated To Specn.Jss, 465-01: 1994 Class-Ii, Polish, Rustfree, Uts- 51 To 61 Kgf Per Sqmm., Dia 3.86-4.06 Mm To Specn. Bs 970-1983 Pt-I, Grade 080 M 40, In Coil, Form In 550 Mm Dia, Coil Wt. 60-80 Kgs. Rev. 1 For Jss Specn, Aluninium Alloy Rod, Dia 56 Mm Conforming To Is: 733 Of 1983,, Grade 64430 Or 64423 In Wp Condition, Hardness 90 To 105 Vpn, Aluminium Shell 7 Mm Dia,37 Mm Length ( Product Of Idl Hyd.), Isro No. Ttg:Ipd:04:86 Page-11, Para 3.2.11., Aluminium Strip 0.50 Mm Plus Minus 0.02 Mm Thick X 38 Mm, Plus Minus 0.2 Mm Wide To Designation - 19500. Condition 'O' To, Specn Is:737-2008 Fourth Revision, Aluminium Foil In The Roll Form, Length 9 Mtr X Width 30 Cms, (+ -) 0.005 Mm Thick. Al. Content 98.5 Min. Purity %, Mass In, Grams/M Sq. 45 + - 0.2 Bursting Strength Kpa 85 + - 10, Chemical, Neutrality Of Water Extract Ph 7.0+ - 0.5,Chloride As Naclnil,, Sulphates As Na2so4 Nil,Shallbe Free From Copper, Aluminium Wire 5.45 Mm + / - 0.025 Mm Dia, Hardness 20 To 25, Hv,Tensile Strength 6 To 7 Kgf/Mm Square Design 19500,, Condition `O', Specn. Is:739-1992 ( 3rd Revision ), Alluminium Rod 9 Mm Dia,In Coil Form To Spcn Is -733-1983, Designation 19500 Condition O With Tensile Strength Not Exce, Eding 10 Kgf/Mm Sq Tolerance Class B As Per Is-3965, Aluminium Sheet 2400 Mm X 1200 Mm X 0.50 Mm Thick. Specn, Is:737-1986,Designation -19500,Condition - H 2., Aluminium Sheets In Coils Strip 0.56 Mm + - 0.020 Mm Thick X, 34.3 Mm Wide,Specn Is:737-2008 (Fourth Revision)Grade 19000,, Condition H4, Aluminium Strip Annealed 0.71 Mm +- 0.02mm Thick X 32mmm +-, 0.25mm Wide Specn Is :737-2008(4th Rev) Designation 19000, Condition "O" Wt Of Coil Should Be 3 To 4 Kg., Aluminium Strip 0.46 Mm + 0.04 Mm Thick X 34.3 Mm Plus Minus, 0.25mm Wide, Specn Is 737-2008 (4th Revision) Grade 19000, Condition "O", Hardness 20-25 Hv , Weight Of Coil ,, Approximately 5 + - 1 Kg., Aluminium Foil Pieces Size 64 Mm X 76 Mm X 0.05 Mm Thickness, Drg No. Afk/Sk - 815 - 15 Dt. 22.06.2015, Copper Rod 6.5mm Dia - 0.09 Mm Dia, In Length Of 2 Metres &, Above Hardness 100-120 Hv Specn. Bs:2874-1986 Design.C-101 Half, Hard, Brass Tubes (Seamless) Od 6mm Plus Minus 0.05, Id 5mm Plus, Minus 0.05 Mm Of Two Meter Length To Specification Jss: - 9535-, 02:2008 Rev. 3 And Physical Properties To Specn. Is 407-1981,, Hardness 110-130 Vpn Approx., Copper Alloy Strip 0.7mm+-0.025mm Thick X 44.4mm +-0.25m M, Wide,Annealed Hardness 55 Hv To 75 Hv, Copper Alloy Strip 0.43 Mm + - 0.025 Mm Thick X 34.3 Mm + 0.25, Mm Wide, Annealed, Hardness 55 To 75 Hv, Specn Is-3167-1982, First Revision)., Brass Tube (Half Hard, Gr-I/G.C.Q.) To Size Od - 160mm X Id - 140mm, X Length 200mm., Brass Strip 0.42 Mm - 0.02 Mm Thick X 39.5 Mm + - 0.25 Mm Wide,, Hardness 55 To 75 Hv,Specification Jss-9535-02-2008 Rev. 3, .Free From Anisotrophy Defect,Thickness Variation Max 0.005, Mm Across Width In A Coil. Coil Weight 8 + - 2 Kg., Brass Strip 0.15 Mm +- 0.025mm Thick X 19.5 Mm +-0.1 Mm Wide To, Specn Is:410-1977 Reaffirmed 2006 Amds 1 Designation No. Cu Zn, 37, Condition Hb, Hardness 110 Hv - 135 Hv., Brass Strip Hard .01 In # .002 In X 1.35 In # .01 In Bs/Sta Cz 6 /Hard, Rolled/ Or Bs 2870 - 1980 Cz 107, Brass Strip 0.51 Mm + - O.025 Mm Thick X 34.3 Mm + - 0.25 Mm, Wide, Hardness 110 To 130 Hv, Specn Bs2870-1980, Designation Cz-, 107., Brass Strip 2.03 Mm + - 0.025mm Thick X 19.05 Mm + - 0.25 Mm Wide, , Hardness 145 To 180 Hv, Speecn Jss-9535-02-2008 Rev. 3, Copper Alloy Strip 0.38mm + - 0.025mm Thick X 44.45mm + -, 0.25mm Wide Annealed Hardness 55 To 75 Hv To Specn Is:3167-, 1982.(First Rev) Reaffirmed 1998, Copper Alloy Strip 0.56 Mm + - 0.01 Mm X 38
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 25881769
Closing Date 30 - Dec - 2017  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of A4/1670-000125 Triangular "D" Ring For, Cargo Parachute, Polyurethene Foam 25 Mm Thick, Width 91.4cm, Buckle D Shaped (Ptr-M), Buckle Pack Outer(Ptrm), A4/5340-006721 Buckle Waist, Adjustable Adopter (Sliding Bar, Type) Ptrm, Canopy Rigging Link Detachable, (Ptr-M)Ds Cat.No.1670-000320, Niv Buckle V Shaped With Sliding Bar, Niv Triangular D Ring, Snap Hook Quick Ejector, Metallic Slide Fastener Heavy Duty, 457 Mm Long Og, Conopy Release Assembly With Wire, Loop, Snap Hook Static Line Ptr-M With, Safety Pin, Polythene Sheet Thickness 2.05 + -0.05, Mm,Density 0.91 Gm/ Qubic Cm, Foam Sheet Thickness 5.5 + -0.5 Mm &, Dencity 0.0385 Gm/Q.Cm, Rubber Band 13mm Width 61 Mm Long, Sub-Assy Of Spring For Auxiliary Spring Pta-R, Parachute, 5430-006726 Snap Hook For Parachute, Type Ptr-R, Niv Pack Frame, Pack Opening Spring Elastic Short, 370 Mm, Pack Opening Spring Elastic 440 Mm, A4/5315-004372 Locking Pin For Snap, Hook For Pp Type Ptr-R 7.30m, Niv Washer For Loop Pack Closing, Niv Grommet 8mm With Washer, Stainless Steel, Niv Stiffener For Rip Cord, Protection Flap (Pta-R), Rip Cord Handle Ptar With Double, Stopper Ball, Niv Pack Opening Spring Elastic Eye, Rip Cord Handle Ptar With Double, Stopper Ball, Dentrite Adhesive, Poyurethene Sheet 2mm Thick, Aluminium Tube, Packing Pin Drg. No. Adrde/ 1402-05, Grommet With Washer (13.5 Mm), Coil Spring, Towing Ring 20mm Id, Rip Cord Small, Pulley For B.P Su-30, Grommet Brass With Steel Washer 14, Mm, Pully Small, Modified Coil Spring, Rip Cord Large, Towing Ring Large - 82mm, Towing Ring Small 14.5mm, Woollen Felt 3 Mm Thick, Pully Mig-29, Coil Spring (Mig-29), Towing Ring Large, Towing Ring Small, Rip Cord With Pin, Packing Pin Wire Rope 5 Mm Dia En-8, Rubber Band, Leather Chamoise 1.5mm Thick (260x95, Mm ), Briddle Ring For B.P. Para Jaguar A/C, Curved Pin, Rubber Cover, Rubber Wedge, Leather Chrome Tanned 2.5 Mm Thick, 15 X 30 Cms) Natural Colour, Rubber Band, Button Press, Shakle With Pully, Shackle 'D' Shaped Large, Coil Spring With Cone.(B.P. Mirage), Grommet With Washer 14 Mm, Grommet With Washer 11mm, Eyelet With Washer 7mm, Eyelet 4mm With Washer, Nylon Rip Cord With Pin, Pully Mig-29, Felt Woollen 6 Mm Moth Proof, Latex Foam Rubber Sheet Solid Type, 13 Mm Thick 72"X 36", Pin For Locking Link, Socket For Harness For Psm Series, Disc For Ball Type Auxialary, Ring For Break Link For Psm Series, Ring For Auxialary Link For Psm, Series, Spring For Rip Cord Pocket For Psm, Series 3,4,& 5, Strand Safety Pin For Psm Series, Canopy Rigging Link With Bolt For, Psm Series, Ring For Strand Cover (Psm Series), Clasp For Main Sleeve ( New ), Quick Release Lock Tp With Buckle, Leg Loop Shackle, Disconnect Lock With Buckle, End Strip, Cross Connector Strap Safety Pin, Snap Fastner ( Pull Load 1.5 Kg Min.), Ring 14 Mm, Grommet 20 Mm With Special Washer, Ball Type Spring, Pin For Ball Type Auxilary, Rip Cord Handle, Waist Loop Shackle, Vent Ring For Ejection Drouge, Pulley For Rotating Canopy, Aluminium Rivet, (Dia=2mm,Length=13mm), Lock Ock With Buckle, Foam Rubber 8 Mm Thick, Buckle, Buckle Leg & Breast Adopter, U Shackle, Ork Ii, Grommet With Special Type Of, Washer 12 Mm, Ring, Rexine Black, Thimble, Polyurethene Foam Sheet 8 Mm Thick, H.D.P.E.Sheet 1.5 Mm Thick, Pvc Tubing 15mm Dia (Black), Quick Release Adj. Buckle, Grommet With Washer 8 Mm, Grommet With Washer 18 Mm Dia, Detachable Shroud Link, Sticker Strep Lug, Spreadle Bar Buckle, D" Ring, Connecting Lug, Rip Cord Assembly (For Pilot Para, Jaguar A/C), Roller Fitting, Quick Release Connector (For Pilot, Para Jaguar A/C.), Lap Strap Adjustable Buckle (For, Pilot Para Jaguar A/C.), Spring Ejcetor, Snap Fastener (Four Pieces), Assembly Female Coupling Of Dwl Jaguar A/C, White Line Pin Assy., Lower Harness Lug, Detachable Alignment Ring For, Pilot Parachute Jaguare A/C, Pin With Pully, Mbeu/7074 Pa -- Hardshell Container, For Jaguar Pilot Para, Re-Inforced Flexible Sheet (Frp) 2 Mm, Cushion Sheet 6 Mm Thick, P.V.C. Foam Sheet 5 Mm Thick, Pack Opening Elastic Eye, Holding Buckle, Guide Ring For Harness Mirage-2000 &, Sea Harrier A/C, Lift Web Restrait Strap For Sea, Harrier/Mirage-2000a/C, Button Press As Per Approved Sample, Button Press ( Male), Button Press ( Female), Fevicol Rubber Adhesive, Rubber Adhesive, Rubber Beading 9mm Width, Backelite Strip Size 165 Mm X 45 Mm, Pvc Tubing 0.8 Cm Dia (8mm) Black, Srl-H), P.V.C. Tubing Yellow And Black 18 Mm, Dia 0.84 Mm Thick, P.V.C. Tubing Black 14 Mm Dia 1 Mm, Thick, Inertia Proof Quick Release Fitting 4, Point With Connecting Lug Large, And Small.
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State - India Ref.No 26720225
Closing Date 30 - Dec - 2017  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of BR & EM Items - Water Storage Tank Triple Layer Of Capacity 500 Ltrs, Conform To IS 12701-1996 (Make:Sintex/Ultra Pure Aqua/Polywell), Fabrication From Structural Steel Section For Staging Of Water Storage Tank Made Of Capacity 500/ 1000 Lts Made Out Of MS, EWC With PVC Flushing Cistern Of 10 Ltr Capacity Complete, Cat No 2008 EWC (Make - Hindware / Parryware / Cera), Indian WC Vitreous China Squatting Pan Orissa Pattern Of Size 580x440mm Dark Coloured With 'P' Or 'S' Trap (Make - Parryware / Hindware / Cera) Including Connection To Trap And To Flushing Pipe Etc, Flushing Cistern PVC Combiflush Model 2630 Of Cera Flushing System Valve Less Symphonic Action Pipe Flushing Cistern, Low Level, White With Inlet Ball Valve Float With Handle Of Capacity 10 Ltr Including Brackets And Flush Pipe Line Complete In All Respect (Make - Parryware / Hindware / Cera), Wash Hand Basin Model Carnival 1009 Of Size 450x300mm With Pedestal Incl Brackets (Make - Hindware / Parryware / Cera), Looking Mirror Frameless Of Size 600x450x5mm With 4mm Ply Baking (Make : Prayag/Saint Gobain/ Modiguard), Towel Rail 600 Mm Long 20mm Dia Brass Chromium Plated With Cloth Hooks (Make : Ess Ess /Prayag/ Johnsonsuisse), Chromium Plated Pillar Cock Swan Neck With Aerator (Make : Ess Ess /Prayag/ Johnsonsuisse), Stop Cock L Type Chromium Plated Brass 15mm (Make : Ess Ess /Prayag/ Johnsonsuisse), Stop Cock T Type Chromium Plated Brass 15mm (Make : Ess Ess /Prayag/ Johnsonsuisse), Bib Cock Long Spout Chromium Plated 15mm (Make : Ess Ess /Prayag/ Johnsonsuisse), PVC Connection 45 Cm Long 15mm Make : Supreme/ Johnson Suisse/ Famingo, Peg Set Of Four Fitted With Galvanised Screw Along With Internal Surface Of The Wall In The Rooms. (Make : Ess Ess /Prayag/ Johnsonsuisse), 2000 Ltrs Anaerobic Of FRP Septic Tank (Make : Sintex/ Ultra Pure) Or Approved By CE., PPR Pipe 32mm 3 Mtr Long Each (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Pipe 20 Mm 3 Mtr Long Each (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Socket 32 Mm (Make : PRINCE / SFMC / Supreme), PPR Elbow 32 Mm Dia (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Female Thread Elbow 20mm (Make : SFMC/Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Female Thread Socket 20 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Female Thread Tee 20 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Plain T 32 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Reducer Tee 32mm X 20mm X 32mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Union 32 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Tank Connector 32 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PVC Wall Clamp 32 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), PVC Wall Clamp 20 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), Float Valve 25mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), Gate Valve 32 Mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), M Seal 150gms Pkt (Make Pidilite/ Fevicol/ M Seal), Taplon Tape Roll Make: Supreme/ Omega/ Asbestos, Solvent Cement 150 Gms Tube Make : Finolex/ Fitwel/ Jindal, PVC Waste Pipe 32 Mm Dia And 1 M Long Make : Supreme/ Johnson Suisse/ Famingo, CP Waste Coupling 32mm Dia Make : Supreme/ Johnson Suisse/ Famingo, Non Skid Ceramic Tiles Of Size 300 Mm X 300 Mm On The Floor Minimum Thickness Between 6 To 8 Mm Thick (Make : Kajaria / Johnson / Orient) 1st Quality Conforming To IS-156 2006, CP Grating 100 Mm Dia (Make : Ess Ess /Prayag/ Johnsonsuisse), PVC Pipe 110 Mm Dia Each 3m Long (Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme), PVC Socket 110 Mm Dia (Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme), PVC Bend 110 Mm Dia(Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme), PVC S Trap 110MM Dia(Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme), PVC P Trap 110MM Dia (Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme), PPR Air Pipe 25mm Dia For FRP Septic Tank (Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme), White Cement Conform To IS-8042//1989 Make : ACC/ Birla White/ Ambuja, PPR Reducer Elbow 32mm X 20mm (Make : SFMC/ Finolex/ Supreme), CP Jet Water Spray For EWC Ess-Ess/Famingo/Johnsonsuisse), Vitreous China Urinal Bowl Flat Back Model 5004 Confirming To, 771 Part 3 Sec2 :(Make - Hindware / Parryware / Cera), PVC Vent Pipe 75mm Dia Each 3m Long (Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme), PVC Cowl 75mm Dia Each 3m Long (Make : Prince / Finolex/ Supreme).
Sector Coal and Lignite Tender Value Rs. 1.01 Million approx. / 10.10 Lakh approx.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 26718808
Closing Date 23 - Dec - 2017  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Spares - Arc chutes; Part No:AC1, Shunt trip assembly complete; Part No:11.03.00, No volt coil assembly; Part No:11.04.00, Split type terminal box ; Part No:TB13, Core balance transformer ; Part No:CBT70M, Limit switch for breaker 2no + 2nc; Part No:BOHM, Catcher assembly; Part No:11.05.31, Potential transformer; Part No:DS, Fixed contact assembly for breaker; Part No:11.06.00, Current transformer for ammeter 200/5; Part No:BO200/5CTR, Moving contact assembly for breaker ; Part No:11.02.00, Moving contact assembly for isolator; Part No:05.02.00, Isolator assembly k3 on/off; Part No:05.00.00, On /off isolator 300A; Part No:K4, On/off isolator 400A; Part No:K4S, Circuit breaker up to 200A with wiring; Part No:WR2 , Cover bolts; Part No:00.01.10A, Circuit breaker up to 400A with wiring; Part No:WR2B, Current transformer for ammeter 300/5; Part No:BO300/5CTR, Power cable for 300A for breaker chamber ic & og set; Part No:ICCB3, Power cable for 200A for breaker chamber ic & og set; Part No:ICCB2, Brass terminal for cp; Part No:T2B, Over load assembly for breaker 110A-200A; Part No:11.01.00B, Over load assembly for breaker 210A-300A; Part No:11.01.00C, Dashpot cup; Part No:11.01.06, Brass plunger cup; Part No:11.01.09, Current transformer for ammeter 400/5; Part No:BO400/5CTR, Main shaft support; Part No:11.05.05, Fault imposing relay with base; Part No:BOOEN3R, Operating handle for isolator; Part No:H3, Sealing box; Part No:S4, Circuit breaker up to 100A with wiring; Part No:WR1 , Circuit breaker up to 300A with wiring; Part No:WR2A, Indicating lamps; Part No:LAB9 for Mine Line make ACB 100A, 200A etc at JK Area.
Sector Other Metal Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 26603278
Closing Date 22 - Dec - 2017  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale of GI Scrap, Acsr Conductor Scrap, Allluminium Power Cable Scrap, Ms Scrap, Copper Control Cable Scrap, Stay/Earth Wire Scrap.
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